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Men Should Read

Ok, I’m not being funny, but the sex scenes in most romance/erotics noels aimed at women, are very much from the female point of view. Building on this, I strongly advise every girl to give her man a copy of a Sylvia Day or equivalent novel, for any guy wanting tips to please his girl should find them right there. The amount of inches (oo-er) per book spent on nipples and oral sex far outweighs blow jobs and penetration. This is what we like to read about….so I believe I can make a fair assumption  in saying this is what tickles or pickle. If you’re shy, or self conscious, simply buy a paper back, download to his kindle, or even read aloud to your man – consider this the first step in a campaign of creating reality from fiction. There is a well known adage of life imitating fiction – and that doesn’t sound like such a bad thing if it means some serious satisfaction between the sheets.

As children, we are taught to share, and help those who need it. So, let’s help guys out and share or books. It’s the polite thing to do.

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Counting Down for Sylvia!

Well, any randy readers out their must be licking their lips and cracking their knuckles in anticipation for the third installment of the Crossfire Series by Sylvia Day! The predecessors, Bared to You and Reflected in You were both absolute scorchers and, judging by the snippets Ms Day has released so far, the Entwined with You promises to be just as hot!

The Crossfire series details the relationship between Eva and Gideon. Both are fabulously rich. Both are insanely beautiful. He has more power and money than most people could dream of, and she has connections and friends most twenty something career girls would sell their soul for. But before you hate them – they are also both damaged, almost, but not quite, beyond repair. After suffering abuse throughout their childhoods, the pair are finally acknowledging that they struggle with normal relationships, and so hold nothing back in an attempt to not lose each other. The love and passion in this books is amazing, and although their relationship is highly sexual, Sylvia Day also includes the conversations and every day going on that lead to love, a factor which is often missing. Normally, when I read a romance novel, I tend to find the characters in lust over love, but Sylvia Day manages to throw in that little extra something special to tip the scales.

I’m not going to lie, I did not think that I would like these books. Truly, after having been disappointed with the Fifty Shades trilogy, I kind of expected more of the same. In my opinion, this is so much better – unless you were into fifty shades for the BDSM, which doesn’t feature all that much in Crossfire. For a start, despite all that happened in her childhood, Eva is feisty, ambitious and tens to be pretty sure of her own mind. She wants Gideon, but won’t be used for sex, and is determined about that. Her thought processes are clear, unlike Anastasia of Fifty Shades who didn’t seem to ever really know what was happening, and could barely have a conversation with her boyfriend without dissolving into a quivering mess. And Gideon is as rich and powerful and damaged as Christian Grey – but he doesn’t seem quite so isolated or untouchable. His family are more of a feature than Grey’s, which maybe makes him more human, and he doesn’t dictate every mood and conversation.

Although there is some domination/submissive talk in Crossfire novels, it tends to be more of an emotional thing, rather than physical. I mean, yes, Eva like it better when he’s on top or in control, but that’s about it. This is just personal preference: I just don’t get a guy who takes pleasure in hurting a girl. I understood his issues, the control, the tying up and bondage, even the eye contact thing – but when he caned her, I just lost interest. I didn’t get how that stemmed from control, and it sure as hell turned me off. But that is just me. I prefer Gideon’s attitude, which is probably as controlling – but where he would never even dream of hurting Eva ever. not even a little.

Another thing that surprised me was how well Sylvia Day manages to walk the tightrope between erotic and crude. She uses some pretty vile and explicit language – but it works, and there is nothing vulgar or cheap about the lovemaking scenes in the Crossfire novels. She gets the balance right, which is really hard to do.

Seriously, start rereading the first two books now, and bring on June!


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