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Happily ever after with ONE true love? Not likely….

Perhaps it is only because society has ingrained the importance of fidelity that it is so important to women, and most men. However, science and nature seem to have difference ideas about the human state. Mainly, that being of whether men really are built to be monogamous creatures or not.

First, let us rule out the most ridiculous argument: that when God made Adam, he only gave him Eve, not a harem of Eve, Ava and Edie. Therefore, we can conclude that men and women should be committed to only one partner. The rest of the bible has a very different idea. As does science. To rush over the bible differences: Abraham cheated on his wife Rachel with her slave Leah, in order to get her pregnant, and give Rachel the baby. This not only covers adultery, but also slavery, most likely rape, and child abduction. Moving on, David himself had two wives, and Joseph, of the technicolored dreamcoat, was his father’s favourite, as his mother was his father’s favourite wife. More reliable sources may now be discussed.

First due to the release of bleurghfancyscience term it is acknowledged that women release 10 times more hormones after sex than men. This is a genuine fact, which means that when men complain that women put more emotion into sex than they do, they are absolutely right. Though it is our biology, and we literally have no control over those crazy post-coital emotions that sabotage our brains.

Sociologically speaking, men were the hunter gatherers. Their lives were risked in the daily hunt for sustenance. This moved on, until men became soldiers. They were sent away to war, and once again their lives were at risk. Historically, there wasn’t much a woman could do to fend for herself other than take a husband. But if a large chunk of men have been killed by the wild boar they were hunting, or whatever army they were fighting, there would be a definite shortage. This would mean that the sensible course of action, as it cannot be argued that until relatively recent history women would struggle to support themselves, would be for a man to be able to take more than one wife. Due to the natural shortage of men through the spheres of gender separation, women would need a protector, and that protector would traditionally take the form of a husband.

Biologically, there is a 51% of producing a girl, and a 49% chance of producing a boy. In the scale of the world, this would mean that there are, approximately, 140 million more women in the world than men. This is quite a significant difference, and does again prompt the question of whether it would make more sense for men to have more than one wife, in order to make sure everybody is provided for. For example, there are currently 10 million more women than men in Russia, which is not a country that hosts an abundance of jobs or career options. A lot of women will be living in poverty.

Many studies have shown that men are aroused visually, while women use their imaginations. Meaning, a woman can be happy with an older man, while the standard ‘trade in for a younger model’ middle aged men tend to practice, actually comes from their ingrained sexual impulses. This age normally collaborates with menopause, showing once again the biological impulse to mate. A woman is most attractive to a man during ovulation, and fertility is a factor men consider subconsciously.

Despite all of this, society, or biology, or religion, have all made a distinct enough impression that I would never consider anything less than absolute monogamy and fidelity, nor would most women I know. Sorry fellas.



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