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Book Review – On Dublin Street


I must admit I have a weakness for anything set in my beloved city of Edinburgh. I lived there for two years, and am epically excited to move back there. It’s an old, winding, cobbly, beautiful city wherethe past is still living and breathing in the old stone buildings, castle, winding alleyways and short cuts. I’m moving back soon, and therefore fell completely in love with ‘On Dublin Street’ by Samantha Young. From the first mention of Bruntsfield Evangelical Church, and the leading male with a Scots accent, I was hooked.

But, now to the book, and the real reasons it is worth reading, that don’t relate to my own whimsical fancies. First, as per usual in contemporary romance novels, the leading characters are a little messed up. However, contrary to many books of a similar genre, they have reasons. Not everyone suffers savage abuse such as the characters in Bared to You, and most people can handle divorce, unlike Brynne in Naked. But, sometimes, shit happens. Cue orphan ‘Joss’ Jocelyn, who lost her parents and younger sister in  a car accident when she was fourteen, then her best friend a year later. As can be expected she has serious attachment issues, and is scared of getting close to anyone, particularly guys. I get her character, and I completely understand how her past shaped and changed her into what she now is. 

Braden, our lead man however, I don’t get. He describes his mother as being beautiful, selfish and a gold digger. He then proceeds to date a string of women who are exactly like her. I do not understand this. At all. Thankfully our wee Joss is a whole other kettle of fish, and

 actually really cares about him. Though she will go no further than admitting to wanting him and agreeing to an exclusive sexual relationship for three months. you.’ Sooo not inspiring respect there. 

But anyway, they agree to this relationship, which so obviously turns into so much more….but the question is: Can Joss admit her feelings and risk caring about someone when it hurts so much to lose them?


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