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Book Review – Beauty from Pain by Georgia Cates


The beautiful cover photo for Beauty from Pain.

I was so surprised by how much I enjoyed this book. I must admit, I wasn’t completely turned on by the whole Aussie idea….but I was pleasantly surprised. the first thing I have to mention about this book was the playlist at the end – the music featured, or just that the author had clearly been listening to to describe certain scenarios. It was such a brilliant idea to include this, as without doubt, music makes us feel more than any other media, so you really got inside the emotions of the book, and what the author and characters were feeling. So, points for Ms. Cates.

The second thing I loved was that Laurely, our leading lady, was actually likeable, and a pretty solid leading lady. It’s hard to present someone strong and feisty while they’re still sweet and likeable.

So, the basic plot is that Jack MacLachlan, is a super rich, vineyard owning Australian, who enters no-nonsense, no emotions, no names pseudo-relationships with women. They get a good time, great sex, but no questions, and no contact once it’s over. He sees Laurelyn, and immediately targets her as his next target – and Laurelyn agrees.

But don’t get judgey on Laurelyn. She’s only in Australia for three months, has just got out of a really bad relationship, and decides that jack is hot, she wants him, so to hell with it, lt’s go. She does take some convincing, but then I totally get her reasoning. I mean, let’s remember the number one regret of dying people is that they worried too much about what other people would think reather than just doing what they want. Laurelyn decides to forget what she should or shouldn’t do, and does what she wants. respect. it’s all the more understandable because she is only in Australia for three months – so a long term relationship would be out of the question.

And so continues our novel….expect great sex, some emotion, drama, and a whole load of Aussie slang. And, let’s just see if they really can say goodbye after three short months together.

Happy Reading!

P.S. The sequel, beauty from surrender is now available 😀


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