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Book Review – Fate Interrupted, Kaitlyn Cross

Fate InterruptedFate Interrupted is currently one of the most popular novels on Amazon under the romance genre. It is a contemporary romance novel describing the blossoming relationship between Dean, a lawyer, and Evy a cupcake baker/barmaid, whose love story takes place in Milwaukee.
However, despite the book’s popularity, I personally found that the plot fell victim to several common pitfalls and clichés. I want to know why every beautiful, sexy, confident woman in a romance novel is a virgin, or only ever been with one guy. This is nice, and I’m not saying that hot girls should be promiscuous, but every guy seems to be a player. And there seems to be some massive gender gap here, which is absolutely never, in my experience, reversed. A girl can be classy even having slept with more than one guy, and a guy can be sexy and confident without having to prove it with regular one night stands.
There is then the ever infuriating (for me personally) hotshot business man, with the girl who makes cupcakes. Don’t get me wrong, Evy is smart, pretty and talented, but I’m just sick of heroines who enjoy baking, sewing, teaching etc. I’m not disparaging these careers for women, but there is no doubt that these days women have the option to do more than pursue feminine tasks. Give me a heroine who’s a doctor instead of a nurse, the lawyer instead of the victim client, or the hotshot business woman instead of the chick who needs advice from one. Novels such as Fate Interrupted, the Cupcake Café, and Candy Store have all mounted my frustrations. I’d love for a couple of romance authors to give the Good Wife a watch – women can be smart and high powered as well as sexy. If I want to read about feminine females, then I’d pick up historical, not contemporary romances. Though even then, I prepare the heroine to have a feisty, sassy, unpredictable side.
Then there is the modern-day urgency that just doesn’t translate. You know how in a horror movie, the characters do something and you’re sat thinking ‘Why? Surely someone would call the police right about now?’ Well in Fate Interrupted, our hero Dean is in fact a lawyer, who ends up in dire straits being blackmailed by a city alderman. I mean, seriously. An apparently capable lawyer, who doesn’t even try to challenge or fight back with the alderman, but instead gives in to all his demands, and does nothing but sulk about it. It just doesn’t seem realistic. And how much power does an alderman really have? The ridiculousness of this situation just felt a bit silly and over exaggerated to me. There are so many things Dean could have done, and so much legal actions that could have brought the alderman to his knees, that the plot loses credibility for me.
The final pitfall, and this is one that has been dawning on me gradually, is the absolute lack of conversation, or anything other than lust between the protagonists before they realize they are in love. It’s clear they are in lust, but I feel like the reader deserves a little more character depth and dialogue before the L-word is thrown out. I want to know why they love each other, that doesn’t involve playtime between the sheets. I mean, most women know that you don’t necessarily fall in love with a guy because he’s great in bed – it’s the thousand other things about them that make you swoon.
Fate interrupted has some steamy sex scenes and pretty intense chemistry between the characters, but if you’re looking for something with substance to go with sex, I’d maybe keep looking.


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