Beautiful Words of Love

A quote from Howard’s End by E.M. Forster:

The disturbance that takes place in the world’s waters, when Love, who seems so tiny a pebble, slips in. Whom does Love concern beyond the beloved and the lover? Yet his impact deluges a hundred shores. No doubt the disturbance is really the spirit of the generations, welcoming the new generation, and chafing against the ultimate Fate, who holds all the seas in the palm of her hand. But Love cannot understand this. He cannot comprehend another’s infinity; he is conscious only of his own–flying sunbeam, falling rose, pebble that asks for one quiet plunge below the fretting interplay of space and time. He knows that he will survive at the end of things, and be gathered by Fate as a jewel from the slime, and be handed with admiration round the assembly of the gods. “Men did produce this,” they will say, and, saying, they will give men immortality

This is one of the most beautiful passages on love I have ever read, and one of the reasons I love old books. I struggle to find modern texts with the same intensity and passion, with deep, soul bearing and unbreakable affection. In an era where sex is easily confused for love, gifts for attention, and money for attraction, it is nice to be reminded of the real thing. It exists, and it is out there, as clearly as words on a page.

It is worth waiting for, it is the reason for poetry and music and art and most of the beautiful things in the world. Just because we can’t see it, and maybe have not yet felt it, do not give up hope that it is out there, waiting in the shadows to be found.


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