Book Review – Tempting the Bride, Sherry Thomas

tempting the bride I LOVE LOVE LOVE this book. And I can explain exactly why in two words: They talk.  Halle-fricking-lujah! Finally. My constant pet peeve with romance novels is that the main characters don’t ever seem to have a full conversation. They’re all far too lusty and distracted by whatever drama is keeping them apart. However, with Tempting the Bride you can read the two protagonists verbally attacking each other, in the form of memories of the protagonist, David, and also the tender conversations they have while the heroine, Helena is recovering. David has loved Helena all his life, but after initial rejection has been ruled by his pride and made somewhat of an enemy of her, with constant jibes and taunts. However, on the day her affair with a married man is about to be discovered, David steps in, saving her reputation, but also resulting on their elopement.

Thus begin the pitfalls. Yes, I love that the protagonists talk, and thus have a chronicled relationship. However, other aspects of the plot could quite easily be categorized as lazy. For example, Helena gets amnesia. Seriously. Tale as old as time, however here it means that she and her husband, who her present self despises, have a chance to start over. Which is nice, in a very sickly sweet, predictable way.

They were forced into marriage after she was compromised, and then fell in love. I don’t think I’ll ever know exactly how many marriages were the result of being ‘compromised’ but it would be nice if something else compelled a marriage ever once in a while. There are surely hundreds of reasons why two people must marry, and being caught with a man is just one of them. It would be great if authors could explore more please.

Yes, this book is predictable. Yes, it is also clichéd. But the plot beneath the plot, the actual relationships that blossom are really well done. so if you can get past the superficial elements of the book, you may be surprised about how much you enjoy it. The sex scenes are pretty hot too.



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