Where did my world go?

This is a blog about books. If you are interested in books, please carry on reading. Don’t be misled by the title, for every book is a romance. A good book captivates you, sweeps you off your feet, makes you laugh, makes you cry, makes you hope it never ends, and then leaves a little hole when it’s over. Getting caught up in a good book is like getting caught up in love…to understand a book, you need to understand love.

The WordPress simulator recommended that I write about something precious that I lost. As I have previously stated, this blog is about books. The first thing I remember losing was the world I created after I finished reading my first real book. Suddenly, the friends I had, memories I’d shared and magical world I lived in was lost, and could never truly be reclaimed So whether you were disappointed to learn you weren’t on Crusoe‘s Island, or struggled to deal with the modern world without Pip, you gained a life from that book, but you lost and found a little bit of yourself within the pages.


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